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Green Istria

Amazing views wherever you go. Find hidden treasures of untouched nature.

Istria has laid out its wonders in the garden of the Mediterranean, at the foot of the Alps. The blue Adriatic Sea washes its shores, and the towns strung like pearls along the coast: Umag, Novigrad, Poreč, Vrsar, Rovinj, Pula, Rabac – the towns that have made Istria a famous destination.

But there is also another Istria, a hidden Istria, whose treasures are also worth exploring – the inland heart of Istria, green Istria, a land between dreams and reality, a land of beauty and peace of history and clean, unspoiled nature.

Its towns and its people will bid you welcome and let you share in their spirit and the times long gone. The dreamlike nature, almost mythical landscapes and gorgeous mediaeval towns of central Istria will awake within you the primeval and deep, true pleasure.

Central Istria is one of the rare Mediterranean regions adorned with the quality of unspoiled natural landscapes and rich heritage. Numerous coves and hillocks connect and divide many magic-like settlements, creating almost unreal scenery.

Have you ever dreamed of a bike ride through hilly vineyards and olive plantations along a wine road where you can taste delicious home made food? Have you ever imagined riding near archaeological sites, beautiful churches and magnificent monuments included on the UNESCO World Heritage List?

The route of the former railroad Parenzana has been turned into a real attraction for hikers and bicycle riders. If you pass at least over a part of its 78 km route, you will be thrilled by its tunnels, bridges and viaducts, as well as by its beautiful woodlands and  picturesque small towns atop the hills.

Beauty unspoiled.  Welcome to the land of history, beauty and vitality!

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